December 30, 2012

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies, endocrine system
Endocrine system generally belongs to energy of Dampness, so chakras choice to treat cancer within it is:
--- chakras of Cold, VI, red, and Burn, III, blue, as main cancer's energies
--- Dampness chakra IV, yellow.

Componenets of endocrine system are classified by energies, allowing to choose 
4-th chakra specific to a stricken organ:
--- thyroid - Heat, II
--- thymus - Wind, I
--- adrenals - Dryness, V
for thyroid cancer the chakral choice:
--- Cold VI, 
--- Burn III
--- Dampness IV
--- Heat II

For the organs below:
--- pituitary gland - Burn
--- ovaries, testicles - Cold
these energies match one of main cancer's energies and the corresponding chakra.
--- pancreas - Dampness
matches the main energy for endocrine system
thus for these 3 cases the chakral recipe is the same as general recipe for endocrine system: Cold, Burn, Dampness.
The same is for:
--- hypotalamus - Light, attributed to Burn
--- pineal gland = Darkness, attributed to Cold.

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