December 14, 2012


The recipe in energies:
Darkness (reproductive system)--->Heat (vagina):
then proper energy for pain to choose: 

--- dull, annoying - Dampness; 
--- sharp, twisting - Dryness; 
--- constant strong - Cold, 
so the recipe for the first case:
Darkness (reprod. system)---Heat (vagina): Dampness sedate, Wind (opposite energy) tone up


 left hand, women.

the same in Nails system:

--- marking the points 
--- taping natural green crystals onto by thin medicine tape
--- heating of taped crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together, in a sequence, perpendicularly to points at comfortable distance to have constant pleasant flow of heat, 1 min each

All 3 cases can be are treated the same in Triorigin energies: Ho sedate, He tone up:

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