December 10, 2012

Bulimia and anorexia II

The Outer chakras layout on finger for Lunar (Secondary) Diamond:

the Dampness chakra and other 3
on Horizontal Border meridian are located similar to Outer chakras in Standard Diamond System, but at navel height.
Upper chakra matches mouth, lower
matches anus.

Working on Lunar Diamond is essential for all disorders involving digestive system in any way.

Detailed description is beyond the scope of this blog;  one may compose a recipe by testing the marked 
(Triorigin) points (or those on 6 or 8 Qi positioned similar to standard boyl-chakras).
Closing/opening mouth path for the treatment has been described earlier.
--- one may sedate/tone up Wind chakra to deal with impulsive behavour
--- Heat and Dryness chakras may be used to treat everything related to depression, Wind-Dampness pair
to manage anxiety
--- Upper and Lower chakras to treat compulsive behavour similar to drug addiction

The Triorigin sequence for Outer and Inner boyl-chakras, Border and Core meridians is projected on the same fingers joints as for Solar Diamond, so treatment in there automatically uses
Lunar Diamond.

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