March 13, 2011

Earthquake in Japan - emergency acupuncture help

The 2 links to easy method of raising energy and immune response, coping with stress of any kind:
heating of points by an incense sticks 2-3 tied together, or just a burning piece of wood as described 
helps fight cold and damp conditions.
Also, massage of thymus zone, below.

Easy acupuncture to help acute depression and emotional trauma:

 Points are 2-3 mm size on flesh around nails, at 45* to each other.
--- massaging points by smth like round tip of a pencil in the sequence
--- taping anything of the same colour as points - natural crystals, glass, plastic pieces, onto them
--- easy heating - in a sequence - holding a tool perpendicular at points at a comfortable distance, 
30 sec-1 min for each point, or until a pleasant warm sensation at each point 

Also, treatment in Correspondence systems for emotional traumas:

position of organs on the palm

organs on finger.
Finger choice may be both index 

Green spot is thymus

One can massage:
--- heart zone
--- kidneys zone - second pic
--- head zone and zone for brain - above eyebrows on the pic
these together can lower high blood pressure
 --- liver - anger outbursts and frustration
--- kidneys - fear attacks
--- stomach+spleen+ pancreas - anxiety and anxiety attacks
--- lungs - grief
Massage of adrenals - right above kidneys - help mobilize energy.
Massage of thymus zone stimulates immune system.

More on emotional healing:

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