October 14, 2010

Tennis elbow

Known among tennis players this condition is rather similar in treatment to the 
tendinitis regarding musicians problems:
As this takes place in ligaments from elbow region, the scheme in Su-jok to locate elbow:
Wind (tendons, ligaments, muscles)--->Dryness or Heat (elbow)

--- right elbow - Dryness for men and Heat for women
--- left elbow -Heat for men and Dryness for women
So for men right-handed it will be:
Wind--->Dryness: recipe for harmful energies
for women right-handed:
Wind--->Heat: recipe for harmful energies

Harmful energies involved in tennis elbow are:
--- Cold - chronic pain, calcification and all long-term degenerative effects
--- Dryness - degeneration and restriction in movements, sharp, twisting pains, 
--- dull constant pain  - Dampness
--- inflammation - Heat
The scheme may look as (men right-handed):
Wind (ligaments)--->Dryness(elbow): Cold, Dryness sedate (pain and movements restriction), Heat sedate (inflammation), Wind, Burn (opposite energies) tone up

For women the same is:
Wind--->Heat: Cold, Dryness sedate Heat sedate , Wind, Burn tone up


Such schemes are very comfortable for self-treatment (compared to schemes in classic acupuncture)
as the points are on skin around nails at 45* to each other (described in details earlier):

Interesting thing demonstrating simplicity and versatility of Su-jok methods is that the same schemes do the same for knees problems, which are quite common among sportsmen.

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