October 14, 2010


2 types of stroke:
--- ishemic stroke
--- hemorragic stroke

First involves mainly Yin or Gomo pathogenic energies:
--- Dryness - spasm
--- Cold - severe lack of circulation, possible necrosis, all types of loss of function
(paralysis is ultimate Gomo = Yin energy of Darkness)
--- formation of blood clots is harmful Dampness
--- on the other hand, artherium embolism is harmful energy of Burn

Second is a combination of Yin and Yang energies:
--- hemorrage - energy of Heat, if massive and fast developing - energy of Burn
--- energies of Dryness and Cold like was written above.
--- energy of Dampness (or Burn if fast developing) - compression
of tissue because of bleeding, also blood clots .

This means both show a complex combination of Yin and Yang type of energies 
to access in each case.
In general treatment needs to include all pathogenis energies; in case of rapidly developing
life-threatening symptomes one should focus on them.

An example of treatment for hemorragic stroke based on general symptomes:

Treatment is in order of numbers,
description of Nail system and points has been given earlier.

Heat (circulation system)--->Heat (cardiovscular system)--->Burn (nerv. system)---> Light (brain): Cold, Heat, Dampness sedate, Burn tone up
Points describe:
--- 0,1, 2 - path to brain vessels
--- 3  - sedation of Cold - main stroke energy
--- 4 - sedation of Heat - stopping bleeding
--- 5 - sedation of Dampness - balancing fluids and reducing intracranial pressure
--- 6 - tone up Burn - opposite energy to Cold.
Burn also increases bleeding and intracranial pressure, used after these problems 
have been solved.

There exist mapping of brain on palm, virtually every zone can be treated:

This allows local action on the zones of bleeding.

There is also reflex zone for brain on 1-st phalange of thumb:

Treatment methods for non-professionals are the same as described earlier, for example:

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