November 8, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, treatment on vocal cords zones

November 4.
The patient told about feeling more of his pancreas "alive" and quite strong pains
in there since last session.
The session was in general the same as 13, with a new type of scheme on vocal cords 
The scheme was done in 8 Qi so far diabetes is generally too serious disease to be treated 
in 6 Qi: 

Zones mapping:
1 - Darkness
2 - Cold
3 - Dryness
4 - Dampness
5 - Wind
6 - Heat
7 - Burn
8 - Light

Treatment was done on right vocal cord zone
(needles direction):
--- sedation of Cold and Dryness
--- toning up Wind, Burn and Light
--- point on Darkness zone - needle perpendicular

The patient enjoyed this scheme more than all others; it worked strongly and smoothly.
As voice is closely connected to emotions this may be evidence diabetes has
strong emotional roots. 
Besides, to manage pain directly on pancreas Local system schemes were applied
on right hand: little finger (representing Dampness), index (Dryness) and ring finger (Cold):

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