November 11, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, update

November 8.
The patient looked so much refreshed with skin very clean, in fact an "average healthy person"
in contrast to 4 days ago when he looked tired and half-asleep.
The session generally repeated the last one.

Sugar levels the following days were relatively high:
--- 8.11 - 15
--- 9.11 - 10
--- 10.11 - 12
with 11 units of long-acting insulin and 10 of fast-acting.
--- today 11-th he experienced a sharp drop of sugar level to 2.8.
During today's session his state was changing from almost falling asleep to fully awake for short
The schemes in Local systems were done on index (Dryness) and middle (Darkness) fingers
right hand:

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