November 6, 2011

James Cracknell, brain trauma

A scheme easy enough for self-treatment for James Cracknell's brain trauma he got when
has been hit by a truck 20 July 2010 at about 5'30 AM:

For self-treatment:
--- marking the points by colour pen
--- tape either green natural crystals or plant seeds,
best may be blackseed which is very good to heal
--- do easy moxibustion: heating the points in a sequence by 2-3 incense sticks tied together, holding them perpendicular to points at comfortable distance to have pleasant flow of heat, for about 1 min for each or until apleasant warmth at each point.

More advanced version of this with treatment by needles:

brown lines show needles direction;
all points are on joint 5 line at 90* to each other.

This scheme is also simple enough for
self-treatment as all points positions 
are quite easy to find.

 All methods described for Gabrielle Giffords case:
and other posts on this topic, can also be used, those to treat chronic

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