November 30, 2010

Cancer, general ideas

 To summarize basic cancer features in the light of "energy" medicine:
1. Cancer in general behaves as ultimate parasite, regardless of what to consider for it's
origin: cells mutation or a special form of living parasite which is getting popular considering
MMS and similar approaches
2. Cancer has potential access to all body energy sources depending on strength of
immune system
3. On the other hand, the energy mechanisms of tumour itself are very autonomous
and well-protected making drug therapy difficult
4. To start oncology process there's need to collect enough negative energy
5. It may be collected from society/family/personal affairs
6. It can be constantly produced inside if there is a cluster of strong negative emotions or negative 
mental state and thinking which turn general body energy into negative to form a pool which 
feeds cancer.
7. Cancer can emerge as physical disease only when "materialization" of negativity starts
which is powered by energy of Cold so it becomes it's main or root energy
8. It then polarizes energies to create source of Burn energy for spreading
9. The Cold and Burn energies are polar to each other:

I.e. to destroy cancer's roots = Cold one needs Burn energy and to tame proliferation one needs Cold energy.
For drug medication the problem is, each single drug belongs either to Yin = energies of Cold family, or Yang - energies of Burn family.
Thus one aimed at cancer's roots can provoke spreading and one to supress spreading strengthens cancer's roots.
One can't use both types of drugs at the same time as they'll annihilate each other.  

10. Killing cancer's structures by radiation or chemotherapy, though removing some to almost all
cancer's bulk, has no influence on the pool of negative energies and emotional cluster engine which feed cancer, so it can develop from very small number of cells/parasites remained after most effective treatment.
Besides, the negative effects of intense radiation/chemotherapy on immune system can
facilitate this.
11. There is seemingly no magic immune booster to beat cancer - if there's general energy disbalance 

good for it, it may feed on the created excess of energy in body.

Acupuncture (speaking about Su-jok medicine):
--- has tools to target cancer's energies of Cold and Burn so this dualism is not a problem
--- can significantly block cancer's spreading at any location it takes place to allow accumulation 
of positive energy to fight it.

This doesn't mean the goal is to treat any cancer at any stage exclusively by acupuncture;
it can act, block and destroy any cancer's weapon which can be combined with immunotherapy, herbal medicine, MMS/DCA protocols, and most probably with reasonable chemo or radiation.
--- destroying emotional/mental roots of cancer stops it's energy supply and destroys it's basement
--- eliminating excess of Cold destroys cancer's physical structures
 --- if eliminate the total of negative energy cancer will not be able to come back.

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