November 29, 2010

ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis VI

Motor cortex zone spreads over the top of brain:

which readily gives at least one treatment scheme in, for example, Insect System:
--- top of finger has the zone crossing the top
--- the zone can be mapped in 8Qi or "Triorigin" points:

--- the line for motor cortex, brown, crosses top of finger
--- there are 4 (Triorigin) points at equal distance along the 
motor cortex path
--- energy circulation matches that of "Lateral Border meridian"
the very fundamental energy path passing over the region

--- also matches circulation in "Upper External chakra of Burn" which corresponds to brain
--- colour of points is colour of natural stones to tape on 
--- actually one may use all methods described earlier for self-treatment,
moxibustion in harmonization mode - perpendicular to points.

The scheme is to prevent destruction of motor cortex; there can also be similar scheme to promote restoration and functional activity in there.

More advanced treatment is a field for professionals (though Triorigin schemes are known being generaly safe).

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