December 1, 2010

Sarcoma, several ideas

Cancer is known to grow from epithelium cells and sarcoma - from connective tissue,
both are controlled by energy of Dryness as commonly adopted among Su-jok medicine specialists.
There's been recent proposal connective tussue is controlled by Dampness energy not Dryness energy, which makes drastic change in understanding it's nature.

--- develops from epthitelium- Dryness energy
--- forms as dense tumour - Cold energy

--- develops from connective tissue - Dampness
--- it's body resembles a piece of meat or fish so being 
closer to soft type tumours

Soft tumours like lipomas, papillomas, formations like blood clots are related to
energy of Dampness.
So the nonsence term "benign malignant tumour" begins having a bit strange "taste".

In Creative energy circle, the above pic displayed in linear mode:
it is seen Dryness and Cold are later gradations of Yin energies, while Dampness opens the Yin
This may mean sarcoma has more malicious nature than cancer as it shows malignant properties on energies (the same energy - Dampness) prior to cancer (Dryness and Cold), which in fact correspond to benign tumours.
(Cancer also uses general Dampness energy which controls lymphatic system it spreads through, but since metastasising starts).

If predictions on oncology diseases to rise in number in future come true, it may happen they may 
become more malicious and in particular sarcoma cases percentage may raise relative to 


  1. Can you please explain what you are talking about here? I am a practitioner of CM and a sarcoma survivor. I have a particular interest in what you are writing but I don't understand.

  2. You are probably not familiar with Su-jok medicine basics, the post explains the picture of pathogenic energies involved in sarcoma with parallels to cancer.
    The Energy Cicrle is different - 6 energies instead of 5 in CM.
    It's essential sarcoma is malignant on less Yin grade energies - Dampness/Dampness compared to cancer - Dryness/Cold.
    But for practical treatment even 6 energies are generally not enough: it and cancer embrace Cold-Burn level, i.e. the whole Energy Circle so needs Light-Darkness level (not presented in this scheme)i.e on 8 Energies:
    Wind--->Heat--->Burn--->Light--->Dampness--->Dryness--->Cold---> Darkness

    Most spiral schemes, like that for esophagial cancer, were made in 8 energies and include fundamental Light-Darkness level.