November 21, 2010

Cancer's tendency to grow in morning hours

Cancer was observed to tend to grow at morning hours by doctors and the studies link this to
the level of oxygenation of body tissues which is in direct link to the time one can hold a breath 
naturally after usual exhaling (application of Buteiko breath technique):
--- times of 20 and more seconds indicate body's state when tumours don't grow
--- less than 20 sec means anaerobic cellular metabolism swithes on to increase lactic acid concentration 
to allow tumours grow
--- 10 sec and less indicate the immune system can't effectively fight harmful factors

In Su-jok acupuncture the explanation is rather simple as energies of cancer's growth and spreading are:
--- Wind, Heat, Burn
presenting Hetero of Yang spectrum of energies.
Cancer has it's main or root energy of Cold=Yin so is governed by "internal 24 hours energies circle".
This circle has morning hours as:
--- 2.00-6.00 - energy of Wind
--- 6-00-10.00 - energy of Heat
--- 10.00 - 14.00 - energy of Burn
Any initial impulse to any process is energy of Wind, growth of anything is energy of Heat so there is clear correspondence with morning hours.

For cancer treatment this means the morning hours are good to use schemes to tame cancer's spreading, i.e:
Hetero sedate, Gomo tone up
To fight cancer's roots:
Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up
the Yin part of day's energies is more suitable, especially the time corresponding to cancer's main energy of
Cold: 22.00-2.00.

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