November 22, 2010

Cancer and energy

Cancer is very specific in dealing with someone's energy:
--- it generally makes it it's own
--- this means, if to return this energy to body, one may get nearly as healthy as was before
unlike diseases which deplete energy in general and this energy is unrecoverable.
Cancer at last stages also forms energy holes but the energy taken is still in tumour.
Chemotherapy if not succeded, depletes a good deal of energy so one has to generate it again.
As more and more energy gets in tumour this means less chances to win.
In fact, if there exist a way to reverse the cancerous process, the captured energy will be 
given back. 
This probably takes place for those "miraculous" cases of complete recovery from 4-th stage
hopeless oncology when physisians couldn't even locate a trace of tumour in body.

One of ways to such "miracles" or at least facilitate treatment is destruction of cancer's feeding mechanisms.
As every cancer case has emotional and mental roots, negative emotions formation can work as engine
to produce negative energy for tumour. If to destroy it by special acu schemes for emotional energies, 
this will terminate the energy flow feeding and supporting cancer.

There is a number of diseases which really deplete body's energy among those which are not rated life-threatening.
On the other hand, ALS destroys one's energies so that it causes critical physical destruction though in
very limited area, but this is enough to paralyze body.

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