November 18, 2010

Cancer treatment - double-edge swords

There are many alternative cancer treatments but that comes true for most of "single-path" methods, because cancer:
--- has main energy of "Cold" for it's roots
--- energy of Burn within it responsible for spreading.
Cold is in Yin group of energy, Burn is in Yang. Method related to Yin energy will tame spreading but make better environment for cancer's roots and method with Yang energy can promote cancer's spreading.
So one has:
--- either to suppress cancer's spreading as much as possible and wait until body's energies and immune system becomes strong enough to overpower cancer - if this happens
--- burn out cancer's roots having it at the same time spreading faster - hoping the treatment will work faster
Both put one at risk as first may extend treatment for many years still having cancer spreading in very small portions as there's no way to stop it completely, and second is race against time.
Best option is to alternate approaches which means at least 2 "polar" methods in use.
Acupuncture offers such methods which has been discussed earlier.
In general, as main cancer's energy is Cold and Burn is incorporated in,  it seems logical for alternative methods:
--- to have general action on cancer's roots like Yang Macrobiotic diet
--- specifically supress cancer's spreading and lyse it's formations by herbs etc.

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