October 31, 2010

Cystic fibrosis III

There's been described anticancer medicine prepared by microbiolgical process:
This remedy to lyse dense formations will certainly be valuable for cyctic fibrosis because main harmful energies Dampness and Dryness are of the same type, Gomo or Yin as cancer's main energy 
of Cold:
These energies preceed Cold in an Energy Cycle,
which means the same remedies are expected to give
stronger effect.
 Good news is cyctic fibrosis doesn't have "double-faced" nature of cancer as "polar" energies:
--- basic energy of Cold for roots and tumour structures
--- Burn for spreading 
making treatment for roots prone to speed up cancer's spreading which requires constant monitoring of cancer's behavour.   

This means treatment for cystic fibrosis roots can't trigger anything to complicate 
or endanger healing.

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