October 27, 2010

Cystic fibrosis II

In theory such scehemes can turn cyctis fibrosis into a disease like diabetes managed in most cases by insulin injections, which may have formed public opinion this is not a threat anymore in modern society (which immediately turns to reality if one gets deprived of injections for 3-4 days). 

Though cyctic fibrosis is typical Light-Darkness disease having genetic origin, it seems to not have energy-destroying or energy-sapping nature like ALS and cancer, and energy loss is mainly due to blockage of organs function and bacterial invasion.
Thus it's possible that one:
--- compensates negative energies by such schemes
--- raises energy level by Chi-Gong or similar to an extent the additional energy is equal to the share paid to cyctic fibrosis
Summed up this may give a "close to normal" person.

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