September 30, 2010

ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis III

Spiral scheme consists of 3 type of meridians:
--- vertical, used for acute or fast-developing conditions
--- horizonral or circular, used for chronic or deep-rooting conditions
--- spiral which have universal use

There are highlighted vertical meridians of :
--- green - Wind - muscle system 
--- blue - Burn - brain and spinal cord 
--- orange - Dryness - sclerosis as process and progressive shortage of any function 
Light and Darkness as main energies involved in the process:
--- Light responsible for destruction of motor neurons on the most fundamental level - violet
--- Darkness responsible for progressive loss of function on the most fundamental level - black

(The situation is more complex as Light energy is destructive in structural scheme and healing in functional and Darkness energy is vise versa
so will not be discussed further.)

Circular meridians can be highlighted similarly (highlighted is Wind).
Spiral meridians are well seen because points are mapped  with  priority to them, 
which make this scheme most universal in use.

Meridians to work in Diamond Energy System:

Diamond Energy System has the most fundamental 
action however it's  too complex for non-professionals:
--- for location of points
--- even there is chakral mapping of points on joints possible to use by non-specialists, this is too demanding and much less forgiving than Spiral or Nails system (the reason most schemes here are done in those 2 systems)

However massage of these meridians and those 
described earlier by a tip of a pencil or similar may already help in hands of non-specialists.

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