October 5, 2010

ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis IV

Harmful energies involved in ALS were described in:
There is also treatment for these energies by organs zones which match the energies in Correspondence systems which helps to fight the corresponding symptomes of disease.
The Standard Correspondence system:

--- Wind muscle system - liver and gall bladder
--- Burn - brain and spinal cord 
--- Dryness - lungs and colonsclerosis as process and progressive shortage of any function 
--- Darkness - reproductive system - loss of function on most fundamental level

Insect Correspondence System:
One may perform treatment on one finger or use a specific finger for each energy:

--- finger for Burn, nerv. system is ring finger left hand
--- finger for Dryness is index finger right hand
--- finger for Wind is little finger left hand
--- as this is Darkness disease, treatment to restore function may work better  on middle finger right hand
--- thumbs represent higher level of action, additionally chronic symptomes are better treated on right hand and acute - on left hand (thumbs Insect system is not

At early stages when it starts for example with problems in left arm or leg, one can do 
moxibustion along the spinal column of the corresponding finger(first pic):
--- middle finger for left hand
--- ring finger for right hand
Acu scheme to treat difficulties in left leg is:
--- for men: Wind: Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up
--- for women: Cold: Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up if women is roughly in ages of 16-50
if younger or older the scheme may be the same as for men.

Specific phalanges for brain and spinal cord are on thumbs:

--- brain - 1-st phalange
--- spinal cord - 2-nd phalange
It's easier to find sensitive points and zones for treatemnt there than in previous systems as all sides of the brain get mapped on the whole surface around the phalange. 

Treatment methods for non-professionals:
--- one goes all over the zone for the organ or all over the phalange by a round tip of a pencil 
to find sensitive and painful points
--- does massage by round tip of pencil or special Su-jok massaging tools
--- applies crystals, plant seeds like described for cancer 
--- massage can be done by crystal which then is taped onto a spot
--- moxibustion by incense stick, until pleasant warm sensation at treated location
--- professionals also use needles for points and zones, coloured light, laser radiation,
electropuncture etc.

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