September 29, 2010

ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis II

Spiral schemes give more treatment options and potential info about a disease than many other 
in a single scheme and also allow treatment by zones.
There can be mapping for zones for excess and lack of energy like it is done for points, the data may be obtained by the same instrumental metods like electropuncture

Zones of excess of energy, marked brown, 

A disease usually gives mirror-like picture for structural and functional energies schemes:
where there is excess of energy in structural scheme there will be energy deficit in functional scheme and vise versa.
Here in both cases zones are positioned almost the same which indicates zones of fundamental energy disorder.

Zones of energy excess are important for a disease which  gardually reduces energy potential of the body in general:
--- one may apply remedies like described anticancer remedy to dissolve energy excess right on the zone 
on palm or abdomen
--- redistribute energy excess by massage along the spirals path which is good for self-treatment 

Overall energy distribution in meridians show rather scaring picture:
for the first scheme in a row:
--- there is general assymmetry 
--- energy excess at left side for all spirals and energy deficit at right side
which seems to reflect the reality of "lateral" in the name of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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