September 28, 2010

ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Summarizing the symptomes:
--- progressive destruction of motor neurons
--- slow but steady development which is seen as irreversible
--- the prospects are complete loss of function of muscles
The main pathogenic energy responsible for this is energy of Darkness in Su-jok terms.
There may be 2 types of schemes:

 Functional approach, dealing with accumulation 
of Darkness energy i.e. progressing disability.
Structural approach is to fight destruction of motor neurons:

Both schemes are optimized for men: schemes have  type of spinning for left and right hands which better matches men's classification for structural and functional aspects.

If perform these schemes on the abdomen which
is especially effective against such severe and 
deep-rooting condition, one uses both spirals
in the same area and determines the order to use 

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