February 3, 2010

All schemes in harmonization mode

All posted schemes (and all which will be posted) may be done only in green points
all red, blue etc points changed to green.
This turns sedation-tone up schemes into harmonization schemes for the same organ/location
and may give certain advantages if for example:
--- the standard scheme works too strong or invokes discomfort
--- the idea is to introduce the body to healing or get general impression on how the
composed scheme works.
Sequence of points and order of work on them stays the same, and the treatment simplifies:
--- just one green crystals to tape onto points
--- one can use very eficient method of taping plant seeds onto the points and all seeds are
of the same sort, the best seems the small asian green pea known in Central Asia countries as "mash", 
more details in 
--- all needles are perpendicular and moxa cigars also kept perpendicular to all points
which makes treatment for non-specialists much more easy to do.

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