February 2, 2010

Capral tunnel syndrome

Compression of the median nerve may be interpreted as harmful energy of Dryness and Cold.
Pain also relate to Dryness and Cold energies.
The scheme in energies:

Burn (nerv. system)--->Burn or Wind---> Cold: Dryness, Cold sedate, Heat, Burn tone up
or Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up

The region for the location of disease at the centre of the palm is mapped differently than described earlier 
for palm and falls into Cold energy, mapping the same as for fingers in

This is confirmed by:
1. the anatomy of the region gives tendency to median nerve compression which is quoted in med sources,
this is the main feature of Cold energy
2. that the symptomes grow when one bends wrists - this position is "Cold" if take the wrist full movement 
and divide it into phases
3. developing capral tunnel syndrome usually begins to bother one at night which is time of Cold in a
24 hours energy curculation.

Quoted from med sources are the conditions which raise chances to get capral tunnel syndrome:
---rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases - disease of Cold - Gomo condition 
--- hypothyroidism, fluid is retained in tissues - Gomo condition 
--- Tumors (usually benign), such as a ganglion or a lipoma - tumours are Dampness energy (at the beginning_- Gomo condition
--- Obesity also increases the risk of CTS: individuals who are classified as obese (BMI > 29) are 2.5 times more likely than slender individuals (BMI < 20) to be diagnosed with CTS.
Obesity is Dampness - Gomo condition.

All the conditions have Gomo energy: Cold, Dampness or Dryness as basic which explains why they
can induce a capral tunnel symdrome, Cold disease - Gomo condition.

The scheme in Nails system:

Sequence for points on ring finger
right hand may vary for different

This scheme starts with the thumb, which in previous schemes was the last finger and point.
This is special approach when one starts with the most fundamental Harmonizing energy - the
Neito point, to prevent possible pain strike which can be serious when there's been a lot of harmful 
energy accumulated and energies gets activated when treatment starts.
The recent treatment for stroke for a 84 years old patient who's been accumulating the Cold energy
for about 30 years shows that even Triorigin schemes, the most balanced in action, can cause a lot of inconvinience.

The same in Triorigin:

As usual all Hetero-energies
are converted to Hetero point and
Gomo-energies to Gomo-point.
2 red points - Gomo ssedation, Hetero tone up

To treat capral tunnel syndrome in one hand, there is 1 more point in the scheme:

Burn (nerv. system)--->Burn or Wind---> Wind---> Cold: 
--- left hand - for men,
--- right hand - for women
Burn (nerv. system)--->Burn or Wind---> Cold---> Cold:  
--- left hand - for women,
--- right hand - for men

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