August 12, 2017

Skin irritants and addictions

Itv was observed on at least 6 cases of alcoholism and opiate addictions, powerful skin irritants like urushiol, have strong positive effect IN HOMEOPATIC FORM.
That skin agents work for addictions, may seem weird, however Sujok knowledge gives clues 
--- skin is controlled by energy of Dryness
--- Dryness energy is behind all defense systems in 8 Qi
--- and more, Dryness on emo level is grief, depression as negative factor, and WILL-POWER as 
positive aspect.

It becomes clear, that everything making use of Dryness energy - like powerful skin irritants - in a safe form of course! - provide raise of one's will-power and determination to overcome addiction, - especially if the agent is strong - like urushiol, known as extremely powerful irritant.

Raising the protective energy also helps on many levels from eliminating fears and uncertainty - to making one more resistant to temptations of going on with drugs/alcohol/etc, one may be constantly being bombarded from one's surrounding.

Homeopathy is based on, poisons become the same powerful healing agents, with extreme dilution. 
Many other sunstances, even ordinary salt NaCl, get strong and specific healing properties in homeopathic form.

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