August 12, 2017

Skin irritants and addictions II

To the previous post.
Addictions strictly speaking, are diseases of Cold, which is next degree of severity - and the last one, so far it's the highest degree of Yin. Cold diseases are:
1 - heart attack and stroke, after these happen 
For example: 
... heart wall thickening, any swelling, is Dampness energy
... heart wall penetration as hole = cardiomiopathy, and ishemic heart disease are Dryness
... heart attack as a result of ishemic heart disease is Cold
see the image below
2 - cancer
3 - both types of diabetes
4 - in fact, autoimmune diseases, like MS and ALS, where destruction of vital tissues leads to developing Cold state as paresis, paralysis, any loss of function.

Dryness preceeds Cold, nevertheless it controls defense mechanisms and will-power.
Preceeding the actual disease, it is placed naturally as PREVENTION factor - which is clear from above, and also appears as gateaway back to restoring Yin-Yang balance, which is healthy state.

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