July 6, 2013

Mesothelioma case, in details, Outer and Inner boyl-chakras

Treatment on Outer and Inner boyl-chakras:

brown lines - needles direction.

One has to use all 4 windows of chakras so the basic layout on palms is not sufficient.

The scheme and the next one on Outer boyl-chakras, are oriented on sealing of energy leakage and getting restoring chakras function itself, as it's loo late to focus just on cancer treatment, which will be much more simple, like using just Dryness chakra.


This also shows, for advanced cancer the battlefield becomes most of body itself, as Dryness chakra 5
has just 3 needles compared to Wind chakra 1 (start of metastasising), Dampness chakra 4, and Heat chakra, 2.
In strict terms:
--- Wind chakra relates to liver, where cancer is formerly located
--- Dampness chakra covers the abdominal region on liver level
Heat chakra: neck, throat, cadriovascular system, is physically not involved at all.
However Heat energy relates to joy, happiness, thus pointing to cancer emotional roots.
The scheme shows, the emotional content is no less important, than physical.

The scheme on Outer boul-chakras:

chakra left to Burn chakra is Cold chakra.

More versions of previous scheme wich milder and stronger action which differ in several needles:

The schemes are specific for this case only.

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