July 4, 2013

Mesothelioma case, in details, Basic Energy points

The schemes to obtain more energy to fight cancer, crucial at all stages
but decisive at last ones.

1. Basic Energy points, general guidance has been given earlier:

after heating all in prescribed manner, additional heating for the points chosen for this case.

Done the same on right hand.


The same on finger, which may be more convenient in some cases:

detailed display of points location, what the patient got for self-treatment.

Strictly speaking, a finger represents just one aspect of 8 Origins, and here is chosen personally for the patient; more general action is on palms layout as standard treatment.

2. Energy Triangles, the scheme to balance upper/lower and left/right sides of body; however showing serious energy disruptions for all studied cancer cases:

numbers show the sequence of work for the case.

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