October 3, 2012


Blood vessels as part of cardiovascular system can be addressed by energy sequence Heat--->Heat
To further locate action there are several body mappings given in:
According to one, a scheme for a tumour of blood vessel located regionally in trunk via 2-path approach:
[Heat--->Heat (cardiovascular system)--->Dampness (trunk)]--->[2-path scheme]


one can get more focused action dividing trunk further into 6 Qi zones.

The energy sequence is actually the same as schemes for lymphoma, omitting the sequence for
a white blood cell:
Heat--->Dampness (lymphatic system)--->X (location of tumour)
so for the above location in lumph. node in trunk, via 2-path approach
[Heat--->Dampness (lymphatic system)--->Dampness]--->[2-path scheme]:

As both types of sarcoma readily metastasise and with possibility of micrometastasing, one can fight this by general schemes for cardiovascular and lymphatic system, omitting the X.
General scheme for lymphatic system in the post:


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