July 1, 2012

Depression, treatment via vocal cords path

Voice and vocal cords work are closely connected to emotions; changes in voice
caused by emotional state are easily detected by everyone.
This makes vocal cords a valuable path to mediate treatment for emotional traumas and any 
condition with emotional background, depression being one of.

The scheme, Dryness as general energy behind depression:
Dryness--->Cold--->Dryness--->Dryness: Dryness sedate, Heat tone up, Light, Darkness control
or Ho sedate, He tone up, Neitro, Neito control:

 left hand, acute case.

One may use the 2-path approach proposed for cancer treatment:
considering depression is generally Heat-Dryness disorder:
--- 1-st - Dryness: Dryness sedate, Heat tone up or Ho sedate, He tone up
--- 2-nd - Heat: the same:

For especially serious cases one may further extend both paths to Burn and Cold energies and even Light-Darkness energies (like in case of real threat to life because of persisting suicidal thoughts, grave depression in case of drug addiction etc).

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