March 12, 2011

Colon cancer, metastatic in liver and pelvis III

There can be treatment in Local Systems, described in:

Variant of treatment:
--- blue - sedation of cancer's root energy Cold, also
bones energy
--- light blue - sedation of Dryness 1) energy of colon 2) energy of tissue cancer roots
in, epithelium; tone up Heat (opposite energy)
--- yellow - sedation of Wind, energy behind cancer's spreading, also energy of liver
--- violet - tone up Light energy
--- green - harminization/control point for Darkness energy,
chronic life-threatening disease

Optimal time for treatment for this very case, calculated like it was done for breast cancer, previous posts:
24.45.30" - 24.46.36"
A pinpoint treatment at this time interval by high-energy tool like laser radiation or even radiotherapy 
will have much greater effect than randomly scheduled treatment.

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