December 9, 2010

General harmonization

This scheme is based on so-called "Vertical meridians of Triorigin Cylindrical Spiral system".
which is is rather complex however this version is simple enough to be used by

Points are on median lines of 4 sides of every finger (thumbs allow most fundamental action).
Location is:
--- one divides each line in half, then again each half of the line in half
--- thus one gets 5 points shown on the pic
--- the lowest points marked brown are not used and acupuncture is done on 4 points marked green.

Thus points appear on equal distances to each other.
It's esential that 4 lines have different length
so there will be different distance between points for different lines (shown on the pic) but equal for points belonging to the same line.

View from both sides.

Treatment is done in order:
--- lines: 1-2-3-4 blue numbers

--- on every line - upwards 1-2-3-4 violet
numbers near points.
This sequence is for left thumb.

Best teratment is moxibustion: heating by moxa cigar
or incense stick, holding perpendicular to each point,
equal time of 15-20 sec, sometimes longer, for each.

This has works on deeper levels because of nature of system in use. 

This is possibly the only safe method of moxibustion for non-specialists in case of cancer,
however, see the Disclaimer.

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