December 4, 2010

Cancer and nutrition II

Recently there emerged a number of diets which use meat as essential part of.
Diets with raw meat have shown themselves as high-energy nitrition by responces of those 
who tried them.

Regarding cancer:
--- meat has recently been classified to be Yang  in particular in a book on nutrition according to 
5 elements
--- this means it can create Yang state of body which is essential to fight cancer (previous posts)
Macrobiotics classifies meat and fish into Yin and Yang according to it's principles.

  The problem is:

--- meat, even most healthy and free of preservatives/antibiotics etc, essentially cloggs energy paths
--- this means healing energy generated by acupuncture or other method has problem to reach cancer formations
--- this is true even for a broth
At early stages this may be not so important; anyway as battling cancer needs every bit of energy, this is
to be considered seriously.

Fish is much less (possibly 2-2.5 times) clogging energy paths, so it can be used in cancer diets.
Especially valuable for cancer patients appear to be shrimps:
--- their clogging of energy paths is very little, less than of fish
--- they are rich in essential elements, minerals as every sea product and very easily digested.
Another product with almost zero clogging is caviage, also strong Yang.
Eggs are also rather strong Yang.

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