September 6, 2010

Alternative to basic energy points

Basic energy points are essential charging and harmonizing tools

There exist system of meridians with similar harmonizing effect on the whole body,
in fact, they are part of Cylindrical Spiral system the vertical Neitro and Neito meridians 
(matching the Du-Mai and Zheng-Mai in Standard Corresponding System) with very convinient 
location of points:

This exists on every finger but as thumbs are controlling for all other fingers, the most general action will be there.

Points are located on the central lines for each side of a finger so that:
--- on the first phalange - 4 points on the line connecting joints, all at equal
distance to each other, i.e at 1/3 of the length of the line
--- there are overall 5 points on the upper line connecting the 2-nd joint and the root of nail (including one on 2-nd joint which belongs to both lines)
at equal distance to each other, so one divides the line in half then again
each half in halves.
Everything the same for the inner side of thumb.
The 2-nd phalange surface is curved so the distances are on a real
line drawn from the point on the 2-nd joint to the point on the top
of finger.

The best treatment seems to be moxibustion, the sequence 
of treatment may correspond to:
1.--- upward for the inner side of the thumb
--- downward for the outer
the flow of energy in Du-Mai and Zheng-Mai 
2. the flow of energy for the Spiral system: both points upwards
which is better for overall harmonization of the body.

It seems to give no less balancing and harmonizing effect compared to basic energy points and directly
involves all parts of the body.
To unblock badly blocked areas in case of metastatic cancer especially if some parts of tumours
have solidified after medical treatment, this may be better than basic energy points.

Moxibustion in this method works fast and powerfully, so can hardly be recommended for 
self-treatment in case of cancer especially last stages, because of danger to speed up
cancer proliferation.

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