December 27, 2016

Breast cancer and generally oncology in reproductive system

Earlier it was mentioned, breast cancer treatment appears more effective, if do it not on it's Space location - thoracic region - controlled by Wind - but implying Darkness energy, so far it controls reproductive system.

In terms of Space location, and what was written in previous post, breast cancer is to involve:
--- Wind chakra - or Anahata, as Inner chakra
--- mouth as Wind physical chakra
There's good response and cancer energy destruction following this, however with Darkness energy as controlling system, it will be:
--- Kundalini chakra as Inner chakra
--- anus, as darkness physical chakra
 Here response seems deeper and involving more cancer energy per minute of treatment.

Technically this is not very convenient, as both zones fall to the space between middle and ring fingers, however one may use the root of thumb for Kundalini chakra. 

Strictly speaking, outer Darkness chakra has the same location, as Solar chakra.
Kundalini chakra has the same projection, as Outer Cold chakra.
One may attribute reproductive system for outer Cold chakra for practical use, at least response there 
seems stronger.


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