June 9, 2013

COPD, chronic obstructory pulmonary disease, 8 Qi schemes

The scheme in 8 Qi.
1. COPD due to chronic bronchitis:
Heat--->Dryness (lungs)--->Dryness (respiratory epithelium)--->Dampness (mucus)--->Darkness (total lungs failure)

right hand, chronic case

Treatment in 8 Qi:
--- Heat - inflammation - sedate
--- Dampness - mucus, walls thickening - sedate
--- Dryness - fibrosis - sedate
--- Wind, Burn and Cold to tone up  

For Triorigin treatment one can alternate He sedation/Ho tonifying, and vise versa, to treat the Yin and Yang symptomes with separate schemes similar to traumas or cancer.

2. COPD due to alveolar emphysema:
Heat--->Dryness--->Burn (alveoles)--->Darkness (total lungs failure): He (expansion and destruction), Ho tone up:

 right hand, chronic case