May 10, 2013

Spinal cord damage, gunshot wounds

Evaluation of a spinal cord damage from a gunshot episode, total 4 gunshot wounds as as result of a street gang assault:
--- two bullets got one in elbow another in shoulder
--- the main damage having been done by 2 bullets into T3-T6 region

This has taken place April 14, and the patient has come through initial phase of recovery, with severe pain subsided and psychological shock also managed essentialy; however there's no sensation below the waist.

Due to multiple injuries the most universal approach is Time Energies by the moment of an attack:
(luckily known up to minutes) which covers all the problems altogether:

---1 - 2013
--- 2 - April
--- 3 - 14-th April
--- 4,5,6 - focusing to 10.24 AM

in 3 days strong pain has gone and the sufferer keeps the upbeat mood despite the severity of the situation in general.

There is also a Triorigin scheme being used (next post, also more schemes for the case).

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