December 4, 2012

Synovial sarcoma

Synovial sarcoma location relative to joints gives energy of Burn, so the treatment scheme will look like:
[Joint energy by location--->Burn]-->[2-path scheme]
Single joint mapping:
--- wrist/ankle - Wind
--- elbow/knee - Heat
--- shoulder/hip - Burn
--- shoulder/hip - Dampness
--- elbow/knee -Dryness
--- wrist/ankle - Cold
for women in reproductive age the classification is reversed: right wrist/ankle - Wind... left
wrist/ankle - Cold.

The scheme for right hip joint: 
[Dampness--->Burn]---> [2-path scheme]

left palm, acute case

By the energy sequence this scheme exactly matches the pituitary cancer (omitting the first energy of Burn which is possible).

In rare cases sarcoma is formed inside the synovial membrane, one uses energy of Heat (or Wind),
the same location:
[Dampness--->Heat]---> [2-path scheme]




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