October 14, 2012

General harmonization

A scheme to harmonize all aspects: physical, emotional etc, which for some people may work very deep. Points are on left thumb on flesh touching nails from outside (similar to a scheme for sleep troubles) at 6.00, 9.00, 12.00 and 15.00:
Treatment :
--- marking the points by a green colour pen - mildest action
--- taping green natural crystals onto
--- heating of points as it was already described: 3 incense sticks tied together, in a sequence, perpendicularly to points at comfortable distance to have constant flow of heat, 
1 min each or until a pleasant warmth in each.
There are 2 versions with different sequence, one may test what better suits for his case.

The same can be done on right thumb, mirror-like.
One can do this in both thumbs as well.


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