June 15, 2012

Hearing loss, cochlea

Human senses belong to the main energy of Burn, sublevel of Wind.
Individual senses have their own energies:
--- sight - Burn
--- hearing - Heat
--- smell - Wind,

Treatment will be described for loss of function of cochlea:

Cold (gradual loss of function) sedation, Burn (opposite energy) tone up, on index finger left hand.

The same scheme may be done in Triorigin

For the problems of cochlear nerve:
--- point 2 goes onto point of Burn or Light
--- one does the scheme drawn for index finger left hand, on the middle finger left hand.

In case of severe function loss or complete loss of hearing one needs higher level of action and use of
controlling Light and Darkness energies.
Neito in particular is total absence of function so one sedates Darkness and tones up Light: index finger
with 2 violet points.
It's reasonable to also treat chakras, for non-specialists there can be scheme to heat by moxa the Heat external chakra in Diamond Energy system:

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