June 28, 2012

Diabetes complications, diabetic neuropathy

 Schemes for diabetic neuropathy which results from deterioration of capillaries.
1. General scheme to treat any affected part of nerv. system:
No-Ho-Ne-He-Ho-Ne (capillaries)-He-No (nerv. system): No control

--- brown points - needles perpendicularly
--- brown lines - needles direction

The scheme is in general harmonization mode: the treatment needle 4 is perpendicularly to Neito point on the
target joint, which covers all possible symptomes and problems and also makes the scheme easier for self-treatment.

Self-treatment, taping natural crystals:
--- green - all points in this scheme
Also, may be simple moxibustion - heating of  taped crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together perpendicular for all points, in a sequence, each for 1 min.

2. Diabetic amyotrophy:
No-Ho-Ne-He-Ho-Ne-He-No-He: Ho, sedate, He tone up, Ne tone up, No control

 the same.

The scheme of treatment aimed on Ho-symptomes which prevail:
pain, weakness, loss of function etc.

Self-treatment, taping natural crystals:
--- green - points 1,2,3,4,8,9
--- red - 5,6
--- white - 7
the same about moxibustion.

No-Ho-Ne-He-Ho-Ne-Ho-No-No (nerves):

4. Mononeuropathy, the previous scheme specified to a particular region, for example,
left side of upper part of a trunk:
No-Ho-Ne-He-Ho-Ne-Ho-No-No (nerves)-He-He:

5. Proximal diabetic neuropathy, for example, location in legs:

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