March 3, 2012

Adrenals problems, a scheme regardless of a condition

A scheme in general harmonization mode for any adrenals condition:

the sequence of green points, blue and red points ignored.

--- points are on flesh around nails touching nails from outside, size 2-3 mm, at 90* to each other

--- one marks points by colour pen
--- needles are inserted in a sequence of numbers perpendicular in all points 

Easy self-treatment:
--- taping any natural green crystals like amazonite, malachite, peridot, of the same size,
onto points by medicine tape (thin)
--- heating them right through the tape by 3 incense sticks tied together in a sequence, holding
them perpendicular to points at comfortable distance, each for 1 min or until a pleasant warm sensation
in points.
One can also first mark the points, then heat them as above, then tape crystals.

One can even do self-treatment using plant thorns for needles, as there's no need to prick the skin at all:
--- one marks the points
--- pricks a piece of a medicine tape by a thorn
--- tapes this onto point so that the tip of a thorn touches the point.

Second approach is working on adrenals zone:

right above kidneys, at right.
the scheme is on every finger except thumb.

--- massage
--- taping crystals (green is universal),
and massaging the zones right by them
--- heating similar to described, without
or with crystals taped
--- taping herb remedies on
--- applying aroma oils etc.

More specific treatment is shown by blue and red points to use them for green on the same location:
--- a pair of blue points - for Hetero or Yang conditions
--- red points - for Gomo or Yin conditions.

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