January 21, 2012

Atopic dermatitis

General scheme to reflect most common symptomes:
Dryness (skin): excess of Heat (redness), Dampness (itching)
Third energy to work on by Constitutional energies may be: 


--- raised bumps - Burn
--- crusts - Dryness

Full scheme for the first choice is:
Dryness (skin): Heat (redness), Dampness (itching), Burn (raised bumps) sedate, Dryness, Wind and Cold tone up

brown lines - needles direction,
point on thumb - perpendicular 

--- taping natural crystals size 2-3 mm of the same colour onto points (for green points it's the same colour
for stones) for 0.5 to several hours up to 24 hours a day.
Stones after that are to be put in salted water 1 reaspoon for a glass for 24 hours
--- may also be simple moxibustion: heating taped crystals in a sequence perpendicular to them by 3 incense sticks tied together, each for 0.5-1 min.

If the problem is mostly located, for example, on face, one adds path to the location:
Burn (face)--->Dryness: Heat (redness), Dampness (itching), Burn (raised bumps) sedate, 
Dryness, Wind and Cold tone up:

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