December 20, 2011

Glaucoma and cataract by one scheme

If one has both glaucoma and cataract, Triorigin schemes can deal with these problems separately as harmful energies for glaucoma and cataract are polar.
One scheme for both is possible in 8 Qi as energy of Dampness combines features of Yin energy responsible for cataract, and is also swelling which describes glaucoma as raised pressure: 
Dampness sedate, Wind tone up.

Treatment may be on Burn or Wind meridians but best is most fundamental Diamond energy
1 - Upper central Border meridian crossing region for both eyes
2 - Upper Core meridian which does the same, and also:
--- is choice for chronic conditions
--- has correspondent meridian on finger joint to make treatment easier for non-specialists:

brown lines - needles direction

--- taping natural crystals of the same colour
--- heating points in a sequence by 3 incense sticks tied together perpendicular to points for 1-1.5 min each.


  1. This blog gives good information about two danger eye disease which can cause blindness and it is very good to know about symptoms for this diseases.

    eyes disease

    1. Yes, the combination of these two is usually difficult to treat
      and Su-jok provides a solution.

  2. Hi do you have one protocol for Catrac only brother

  3. Hello,
    Please explain, what do you mean by protocol.
    Are you acupuncturist/medician?