January 27, 2010

For musicians - arthritis

Arthritis brings a lot of suffering and is especially devastating for musicians depriving
them of their profession.
What official medicine can offer shows very mixed results and usually some (to
substantial) loss of function or ability to play remains even after years of treatment.
In Su-jok arthritis is quite "simple" disease which is caused by harmful energy of
Cold (the same origin for kidney stones, heart attack, cancer).
Suffering joints belong to bone system which is governed also by Cold energy
and Kidneys/Bladder among inner organs, which, on the other hand, makes it
very persistent and tend to reside deep as energy of the System and disease are 
the same.
The scheme in energies:

Cold (bones system)--->Burn (Hands): Cold sedate, Wind, Burn tone up, Light, Darkness control

Practical ready-to-use schemes for hand arthritis illustrating work in Nails system:

1 - Cold-->Burn
2 - Cold sedate
3 - Wind tone up
4 - Burn tone up
5 - Light control
6 - Darkness control

Points are going around nails touching flesh from outside, size 2-3 mm, at 45* to each other
in 8 Qi system.
This gives easy to use schemes even for non-spacialists and in addition it is probably the
fastest-working scheme in Su-jok with prominent harmonizing effect.
The sequence of points and what each does is  at right of the image;
--- point 1 is transitional directing healing energy to hands
--- points 2,3,4, are healiing arthritis by sedating Cold, tone up Burn (the opposite energy)
and also Wind in this scheme, giving starting impulse to healing among other issues.

The scheme on ring finger left hand may be in Triorigin energies which is easier (and safer) to do:

In Triorigin, all Hetero energies
--- Wind, Heat and Burn 
get one representative point - Hetero, at left

All Gomo energies i.e
Dampness Dryness, Cold
get a Gomo point, at right

So to sedate Cold and tone up Burn/Wind one needs to 
sedate Gomo and tone up Hetero, Neitro (Light) control

Hetero is marked by red colour, Gomo is blue so in the image both Triorigin points are marked in red
which tones up Hetero (native colour) and sedates Gomo (opposite colour)
Marking 2 points blue means sedate Hetero, tone up Gomo. 
Green point in this scheme is Neitro controlling point

So practical treatment is: 
--- going from point to point and from finger to finger in sequence by numbers.
Very essential to not confuse fingers/points as then the scheme will not work!

--- marking the points in colours shown on the by a colur pen for example:
for  8 Qi scheme: Wind is green, Burn is blue. Marking both Cold and Burn in blue sedates Cold (opposite colour) and tones up Burn (native colour), Wind as green gets tone up.
One may alternatively use Triorigin points for the ring finger left hand, other points/fingers and sequence
of work is the same.
--- massage for the points by something like round tip of pencil. Usually one finds several points
sensitive to very painful so more massage to them

--- taping natural crystals of the same colours - green, red, blue etc. They may be carried for 0.5 to several hours, up to 24 hours a day. However one needs to treat crystals in salted water 1 teaspoon for a glass, for 24 hours so it's reasonable to have 2 sets of crystals for non-stop treatment.

It's good to massage the points right by the crystals taped onto.

--- acu by needles and moxibition

Acupuncture for arthritis is rather safe compared to cancer treatment and can be shown 
in details.

In Su-jok sedation/tone up by needles or moxibition is done by needles or moxas direction onto
the point, which makes energy flow in a meridian slow down or speed up.
For the scheme 1:

The image for point 1 - needle or moxa is perpendicular
onto the point.
The same is for points  5 and 6

The points on ring finger, colour dots - view
from side.

For Triorigin variant, the direction for needles/moxas
for red points will be the same as for points 3 and 4 on this image. For green point it will be perpendicular as for
point 6

For non-specialists moxibition is relatively easy to do; it is among the strongest action in acupuncture and
easy to dose compared to needles, by emitting IR waves- heat it is especially effective against
diseases of Cold.
So the general guidance for moxibition:
--- there are special moxa cigars sold in Su-jok or Chinese medicine shops
On the other hand, one may use insence sticks which can be more comfortable to treat points
in Nails system because having smaller diameter.
---  cigar/insence stick is hold at 1-2.5 cm from the point to give comfortable heat flow.
--- it is hold at angle specified for the points: perpendicular or at 30-40* like on the image.
--- treatment is usually 0.5 - 2 min for each point. Specialists can dose the treatment for each
--- general giudance is warm, pleasant feeling at the point, if it has shown pain by pressing on it,
the pain usually subsides.

There can be more effective schemeconsidering joints are Neitro (or Light) "organs" so the treatment
may be directed further:

Cold--->Burn--->Light: Cold sedate, Wind, Burn tone up, Light, Darkness control

There is middle finger left hand added, the rest is the same.
Treatment is the same and one may also use Triorigin scheme but here for for middle finger left hand, the sequence of numbers will differ a little:
--- points 1,2 - the same
--- left red point on middle firnger will be 3, right one - 4, green point - 5
--- last point on thumb will be 6

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