April 19, 2017

Third DIPG case, distant treatment


Treatment in progress, for about a week. No special updates on her state by now; news will be published in this blog along with 2 other DIPG cases, described in previous post, where positive shifts were reported, or are visible from photos.

Time Energies scheme for her case, cancer start:



DIPG treatment, 2 cases, in progress

4 years old girl: 

Distant treatment started 4 or 5 days ago, cancer already started progressing earlier, according to the update.
18-th April showed stunning changes:

first is first image for this day, her usual face distortion due to tumor.
She has had it the same for a long time

 Second and third taken about 6 hours later probably:


looke like face assymmetry is visibly less, which means tumor pressure was being released and incremental changes accumulated to result in this.

This is inspiring changes, showing DIPG is not that unbeatable monster, and by feelings during distant treatment, it resembles medulloblastoma, quite diffuse - confirming it's name! - and growing the same fast, but also responding the same fast.

Treatment will continue and updates also.

Another girl receiving the same:


Todays update starts with:
" Zamora is better than ok"

But here the situation is much more complex, as intense radiation treatment caused serious energy debts and holes, so it's clearly more advanced cancer stage and higher treatment challenges, though she's still classified NED.