June 13, 2017

Very advanced neuroblastoma case, distant healing, update


Very tough and, don't want to say that, near hopeless case of neuroblastoma, where a boy was given just 2 months, "if treatment fails" and it failed. Also failed the immunotherapy, which was the ultimate hope.

He's living for more than 3 months since this mark.

Cancer is advancing and the boy was told few weeks to live unfortunately, as was felt by the severity of this case.
Nevertheless smth still directs to go on with distant healing, as this clearly is improving quality of life, and there seems still little chance it will stop cancer progression, if he lives a little longer. The recent update, where mother begins to doubt doctors verdict:

" Bradley has had a lovely weekend at his grandparents caravan. He is still sleeping a lot but when he is awake he is his quirky little self. We have had our orders and he wants to go swimming so hopefully get to do that in the next few days even if he only gets in for 5 minutes. Although he seems to be doing ok on the outside we are finding new lumps and bumps each day so inside is obviously changing fast. We taking each day as it comes and treasuring every smile and we still hoping to go away somewhere close to home so we can enjoy some quality family time at end of this week.
Last week when I was told brad had weeks to live I was obviously heart broken and the thought of only having a few weeks was unbearable. When I look at him now I can't believe it's true it is hard to think he is so poorly, I start to question what Iv been told. I know it is only wishful thinking on my behalf but when he gives me this smile he looks so well."

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