April 29, 2017

Neuroblastoma and DIPG

Neuroblastoma is probably most laborous cancer of pediatric cancers, for distant treatment personally, as it seems to combine:
--- creating vast tumor network resembling breast or colon cancer, unlike most of brain cancers, for example
--- and having aggressiveness of cancers in central nerv. system, resembling PNET
A girl 5 years old case, demonstrates surprising depth of cancer's already having developed;
with distant treatment and negative emo/mental garbage released, there's feeling, this is finally the deepest level yet it later appears there's more cancer energy deeper, compared to, say, medulloblastoma, keeping
one alert all the time.

Together with cancer starting to hit back, if distant treatment skipped for just a week, this makes it very demanding task, though girl herself has all chances to defeat it forever, due to sufficient energy on fundamental level, where cancer takes roots - thus making it potentially curable - and a good deal of energy got during distant treatment by now. 

The case: neuroblastoma abdominal location, 4-th stage. 

In contrast, DIPG is felt quite more easy to crack, though also, revealed as stacked up layeres of energy - neuroblastoma is more like a labyrinth. DIPG is also felt significantly faster for it's development, however this is not "crypted" like for neuroblastoma.

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