April 26, 2017

DIPG case, distant healing, update


Positive shifts:
"...Zamora has begun her hyperbaric treatment! She has had two sessions ( ok she is not looking so happy in this photo, but I guarantee she's a rockstar) and she is already sticking her tongue out further and raising her right arm which she cannot really move"
" Check out this amazing video we just took of Zamora! She is moving her right arm so much today!"

The necrotic tissue removal by this, surely is makingn her better for impaired brain functions.

However, this is overall very tough case and I'm still not sure it can be healed,
--- it's very advanced stage - 22 months of survival
--- her energy is seriously depleted by intense previous treatments
--- she has less favourable situation for energy available on fundamental levels, than a girl reported in previous entry.

Time Energies scheme for her case, cancer start:




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