April 26, 2017

DIPG case, distant healing, update


Time Energies scheme for her case, date of cancer start:


Her face definitely getting more smooth and relaxed, and more symmetrical, which indicates how strong tumor is pressing the brain stem


Assymmetry and tension less, strabismus for eyes visible

24 April:

Face getting less tension on

25 April:

It's almost "normal smile" though of course its' still a long road to become normal.

The case looks solvable for complete healing, because DIPG is no different or special for energy medicine, and has the same fundamental features, as ANY OTHER CANCER ON ENERGY LEVEL. 

It's of course mainly glioblastoma histologically = glioma grade 4 = most aggressive and resistant to treatment - if there was anything except radiation, which gives only temporary relief. On the other hand, surgery and chemo possible in case of glioblastoma multiforme, also doesn't make the positive outcome:
--- DIPG median survival - 9 to 11 months (different sources)
--- glioblastoma multiforme - 15 months

She has all chances to beat it, because:
--- DIPG is on relatively EARLY stage
--- she is strong and her immune system/energy still not destroyed by treatments
--- she seems to not have a critical energy deficit on fundamental level, which makes cancer difficult or incurable by standard treatments

Which is different for another DIPG case, next post.

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