July 19, 2012

Breast cancer metastatic in liver, lymph nodes and bones

The schemes uses 2-path approach described in:
Organs and systems involved:
--- Wind energy - breasts and liver
--- Dampness - lymphatic system
--- Cold - bones
There are 2 general schemes:
--- tracking the cancer's path as it was developing in body, or in case cancer was already found in all listed places, as they follow in an Energy Circle:
--- having all energies together as main energies

For the first scheme:
tracking down the involved energies:
--- Wind (breasts, liver)--->Dampness (lymph system)--->Cold (bones)---> 2-path scheme:
1.Cold--->Cold--->Darkness to deal with cancer's roots
2.Cold--->Burn--->Light to deal with cancer's spreading

--- treatment: destroying cancer's roots and main energy on Darkness meridian and taming cancer's spreading on Light meridian:

For the second scheme:

Depending on a case one of 2 schemes is preferable.
Both schemes may be alternated.

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